River Earn Improvement Association

Conserve, preserve and protect


1. To conserve, preserve and protect the natural environment of the River Earn Basin.

Carrying out habitat enhancements where overgrazing has occurred. Clearing debris from the feeder streams. Removal and control of alien species. Interaction with local schools in promoting the River Earn and its wild life.

2. To preserve, protect and restore stocks of native and migratory fish.

Purchase of a number of estuarial netting stations. Carrying out population surveys, advice on pressures. Utilising the TDSFB hatchery at Almondbank for targeting low distribution areas for migratory fish and  stock to help prevent against mitigating factors.

3. To promote a natural self sustaining Salmonid population.

Carrying out surveys to ascertain causes in Salmonid decline in water course. Seek advice on corrective actions on low density population streams. Carry out remedial work if feasible.

If you feel that you agree with these aims please support us by sending your subscriptions to the Treasurer River Earn Improvement Association. If you feel that you have the skills which the association could use please note this on your application.